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Casey Campbell, Theta Healing Instructor, Practitioner

About Me

Hi! I’m Casey and I’m a ThetaHealer®, Theta Healing Instructor®, and Heart Presence Activator!

I am here to help you get out of the negative loops in your head and into the self love of your heart.  Why? Because your heart holds all the keys!

I'm a Theta Healer which means I use my intuition + the theta brainwave state to help you free yourself from your childhood & past life programming, so that you can create the life you always knew was possible.

I specialize in healing the trauma that brought those unhealthy patterns into being in the first place. Together we will return you to the true Y O U, the you that existed before the world and your experiences told you who you are... The Y O U that has always been here, just waiting to be revealed. 

It's my honour and delight to work with people online, all around the world, via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or good old-fashioned telephone. 

Ps. Some fun facts for good measure :) I'm a loving mum to Valentine (my super cute doggo), I'm a Virgo, I see hearts everywhere, I love things that sparkle and shine, and I super love dessert for breakfast.



Individual sessions

One-to-one sessions get to the heart of an issue to change it for the better in a way that nothing else can. Click below for all the info. 

Package of 3 Sessions

A package of 3 sessions gives you the time and space to make some *major* changes! Click below for all the info. 

THeta Healing Classes

Quantum leaps take place in these courses. You'll learn all the basics of energy healing, and then expand into so much more! 



"Casey Campbell is a true miracle worker"

Isabelle moreau